Well, it's done. The last of the guests finally left. Your birthday party this year was super fun, but now that it's over, it hits you just how tired you actually are after such a long, action-packed day. And then your parents come in after saying goodbye to the last of the parents to pick up kids, and inform you that you need to help clean up.

You look around and your heart sinks. It's a disaster. Wrapping paper everywhere. Confetti all over the floor. You do not even remember there being confetti, but somehow it still got everywhere. You do get a smile, however, out of the table full of presents over to the side of the room. Your friends and family were very generous this year, and numerous boxes and gift bags await you, whenever you finish cleaning up.

Newly energized by the thought of getting to check out all your awesome new things, you spring into action, stuffing wrapping paper into the garbage bag your parents had handed you. You pick up with such fervor that you almost stuff the dog into the garbage bag. Oops. Eventually you get it done, even going so far as to get a broom and sweep up all the confetti (still not sure where that came from) and wipe down all of the surfaces. The room looks better and your parents are very impressed, which was all part of your master plan. Now nothing will stand in the away of you digging into your presents.

So you start going through everything, writing down whom you received which gifts from, so you can make sure to send thank you cards for the correct gifts. You got new board games, a new video game, a stack of awesome new books, some cool clothes, and even some hand-knitted socks from your aunt. Okay so the socks are kind of ugly, but you'd never tell your aunt that, and they seem warm and comfy anyway.

And then you notice it. At the back of the collection of gift bags, there is a black bag with no writing on it that you can see. You don't remember anyone giving you this present, or when it showed up. Picking up the bag and flipping it around, you see nothing on it save for a sticker that says "Code Kitty".

"What is this?", you say to yourself.
"A cat that sends secret messages? That's interesting... and sort of weird", you think as you peer into the bag.

But there is not a small furry creature in the bag. Just a card with a note on it, sitting atop what seems to be a bagful of wrapping tissue.

The note says:

All you can think to say is "Woah. Wait. A robot?".

You look back in the bag, and after peering beneath the wrapping tissue, discover a random collection of stuff like circuit boards and plastic parts. But how can this stuff become a robot? Well, there's only one way to find out:

Go to the website mentioned on the card.