Code Kitty Pricing

Our pricing is based on the costs of hardware and production. All Code Kitty members are unpaid volunteers. A workshop is typically for 5-20 people.

Our workshop is $50/person (includes robot).

Already done the workshop?

You can purchase robots separately.

- Buy a robot for $50

- Buy one robot and donate one for $80

- Buy a ten pack of robots for $400

- Buy a classroom set of 30 robots for $1000

Make a donation

You can also make a tax-exempt donation to our non-profit, helping further our mission and fund our efforts.

Please use the following button to make a donation through our Paypal donate page:

Just get a robot kit?

Did you just get a Code Kitty robotics kit, and aren't sure where to start? Your story with Code Kitty starts here. Don't worry, we'll walk you through everything.


Check out our Build page for step-by-step instructions to assemble your new robot. We walk you through it, and you'll be purrfect in no time!

Start learning Python

If you just finished building your robot, or took one of our workshops but now want a refresher, you can go through our online Python coding tutorial.

Python Powered Kitty

Now that you've learned Python, it's time to bring your robot to life! Get started with CircuitPython and explore the world of robotics!

Your code unleashed

In the final part of our workshop, learn how to store code on your robot so that it runs even when the robot is not connected to your computer.

What's that function?

We have included our own Python library on your robot to make coding easier. Check out our Function Reference sheet for a complete list of functions.

Print Your Own

We believe in sharing, so we have all of our designs on Thingiverse! This way you can 3D print your own Kitty or turn it into something new! Kitty-Tank, anyone?

Code your Kitty in Chrome

All you need is a computer (or Chromebook) running Chrome browser to code your Kitty. Just install the Text and Beagleterm apps, then click here.

Reset your code

Did you replace the code on your robot with something else, and want to start over? Just replace the .py and .wav files on your robot with these!