Utepils BnB Crew

We don't want to tell the world what sort of robot it needs: we want to find that out, one learner at a time, and build accordingly.

To that end, we're hosting 'Brews n' Bots' events across the Twin Cities, as close to monthly as we can. Our pitch is simple: we'll ply you with {{beer, coffee, tea, lemonade or - whatever brew you prefer}}, help you through assembling a Code Kitty, and give Code Kitty some missions for you to help her complete.

In exchange? We'd like to learn what's best about Code Kitty: what was most delightful from the robot, the mission, the session. Just as important, we need to know what underwhelmed. We're counting on you to help us make the most affordable, sustainable, extensible (and, yes, adorable) robot for Minnesota's kids to hack on!

Our next Brews n' Bots will be in late October. If you're interested in attending ( the only entry cost is your time and enthusiasm!), swing by here in a few days: we're looking to have registration up by the second week of September. Or, if you want make sure you get a space, you can always reach out by email!